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13 What Youll See Here Billings is proud to boast several lucrative and interesting industries industries youll see active portions of all over town. Wed like to take this opportunity to share with you why we take pride in them what they do for the regional economy and encourage you to embrace them like we do BILLINGS GUIDEBOOK What Youll See Here One of Billings most signicant industries can be seen in the three reneries surrounding the city. Continental Oil began selling products in Billings Coulson at that time in 1876the same year Custer was defeated just 60 miles away along the Little Bighorn River. The rst renery in Billings was opened in 1949. Today the Billings area is home to three reneries producing about 180000 barrels of oil a day from oil operations in Montana Wyoming and primarily Canada. That oil is distributed to nine western states. DID YOU KNOW Billings elevation is 3567 feet it boasts a population of over 104000 with over 140000 in the entire Yellowstone County. ThusBillingsisMontanaslargestcity.The average temperature in January is 32F and in July it is 86F. Contrary to popular perception the average annual snowfall in Billingsisonly56inchesandwinter can be a very enjoyable season in thisarea due to frequent thawing periods. Many locals will jokeyou know youre in Billings when you can ski golf and sh all in the same day BILLINGS HISTORY their families to Billings for the services and amenities offered and commute back and forth. While the Bakken development is recent other energy activities in this region are not. Oil and coal extraction are important to the region and Billings plays a role for these functions as well. Additionally rening is important business with three operating in Yellowstone County. Reneries not only provide energy they supply economic support through jobs and production. BILLINGS IS A REGIONAL ENERGY HUB Chances are youve heard at least something about the Bakken Oil Formation in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota. This formation is centered around small limited service communities that are growing rapidly. Billings is able to play a signicant role in this growth by acting as the headquarters on many levels top to bottom. Major companies locate their regional headquarters in Billings hold meetings and trainings here and more. Employees relocate BILLINGS HISTORY OIL REFINERIES CALAMITY JANE Known for chewing tobacco drinking heavily wearing mens clothing and acting out Martha Canary better known as Calamity Jane was a regular in Billings. Though Calamity never lived here she was known to have spent a lot of time here from 1893 to 1902. She often stayed in a log cabin west of Billings on Canyon Creek. No one knows for sure how Calamity Jane got her nickname the stories are wide and varied but one thing is for sure she sure lived up to it A woman of extremes she was often found in a drunken rage and arrested. It is said the cell she was locked in is the very cell housed today within the Yellowstone Art Museum. BILLINGS HISTORY ConocoPhillips Oil Renery