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15 TRAILS What better way to experience Montanas Trailhead than by hitting the trails Billings offers hundreds of acres of city parks and miles of walkingbiking trails that circle the city. Enjoy the fresh air and get your blood pumping with some of the following suggestions With 47 MILES OF TRAILS in Billings you can go back in time or to the top of the world anywhere or nowhere at all. Your experience is entirely up to you Approximately 7 miles of trail are along the legendary YELLOWSTONE RIVER. What better way to get up close Bring a picnic lunch and dip your toes in the water The stretch of trail along the RIMROCKS off Airport Road Highway 3 is a fantastic place to take in the mountains beyond. On a clear day ve mountain ranges can be seen from the trail but even with some clouds youre sure to take in some unforgettable views. Which mountain ranges are you looking at The Pryor Big Horn Snowy Crazy and Beartooth. Whats more this stretch of trail is a historic Mecca. View Yellowstone Kellys Gravesite the legends of Black Otter Trail Sacrice Cliff Boothill Cemeteryand much more See map on page 16 Billings has 39 city parks and several excellent wild land parks outside city limits. With everything from pools to trailsfrom tennis to basketball from picnic tables to playgrounds theres a park for everyone in Billings. Pick the park for you at Take in history and architecture with a ride walk or run through DOWNTOWN BILLINGS. Check out buildings like the Western Heritage Center the original Parmly Billings Library and the Historic Train Depot along Montana Avenue. Dive in a little deeper and see the historic buildings and businesses that began Billings legacy along with the modern updates that keep Montanas City buzzing today. GEO-CACHING Another great way to explore the Trailhead With more than 500 geo-cache treasures in the city of Billings alone this is an ideal way to get outsidetake in the history and the views and have a great time along the way Take home some Montana trinkets and leave behind something from your home town. Learn more about Geo-Caching One of the most signicant features in Billings is the sandstone bluffs surrounding the city known as the Rimrocks. The Rims as locals call them are part of the Eagle sandstone formation and were originally a delta of an ancient sea. Estimated to be at least 70 million years old the Rims stretch from Columbus to Miles City and range in height from 200 to 500 feet. It is notable that portions of the Rims in Billings are reported to have been Indian scaffold burials. GO PLAY TRAIL MAP Log on to VisitBillings.comgoplay to access a complete map of Billings trail systems bike lanes parks open space and much more BILLINGS GUIDEBOOK Trails Didnt bring your bike with you No problem Stop by the Visitor Information Center hourslocation on page 4 and borrow one There is no charge for use but a credit card is required to guarantee the return of the bicycle undamaged. Call 406-252-4016 to learn more or to reserve your bike today. BILLINGS HISTORY RIMROCKS Swords Rimrock Park POINTS OF INTEREST Trailhead Black Otter Trail Yellowstone Kellys Grave Rimrocks Skeleton Cliff Sacrice Cliff View Point Boothill Cemetery Yellowstone River 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ParkingP Biking in Swords Rimrock Park Swords Rimrock Park Trail