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Trails Swords Rimrock Park Billings is the trailhead to Montana and Swords Rimrock Park is the trailhead to Billings. This in-town escape provides breathtaking views historic icons paved recreational trails and a Billings experience that should not be missed. Enjoy 2 miles of paved trail in the park and go on to enjoy the approximate 5 mile ride to the river. Yellowstone Kelly YELLOWSTONE KELLY Keep Not Standing Fixed and Rooted Briskly VentureBriskly Roam... LUTHER SAGE YELLOWSTONE KELLY was one of the most notable American veterans scouts and warriors of his time. Born to an affluent family in upstate New York Kelly obtained a ne education but yearned for the adventure of the Wild West. Sitting back and waiting was not part of Kellys character so at the age of 16 Kelly lied about his age enlisted in the military and the adventures of Yellowstone Kelly began. Yellowstone Kelly was an authentic character of the AmericanWest.Hisreal-lifeadventureshaveinspired many articles books and even a Hollywood movie. He was a scholar and author a veteran of 3 wars an exceptional hunter and trader and a key player in scouting and taming the Wild West. His friends and condants included the likes of Col. Nelson A. Miles Buffalo Bill Cody and President Teddy Roosevelt. His travels and military assignments took him from New York to the Dakotas and Montana and from Alaska to the Philippines before retiring to a quieter life in California. In his twilight years Luther Sage Yellowstone Kelly requested to have his body buried in the land where his restless spirit had experienced its greatest adventures stating IfeelmybodywillrestbetterinMontanathescene ofmyearlieractivitiesthanitwouldinthevastness of Arlington where I purposed having it laid. The Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive site will be breaking ground in 2017. The site will feature interpretation trails and a refurbished grave tting of an American Veteran. For more information on the site redevelopment how to help or simply to learn more about Yellowstone Kelly visit