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Southeast Montana Southeast Montana Made up of small towns big ranches and unending horizons this is your guide to Southeast Montana. Find tiny cafs serving mouth-watering comfort food and truly one-of-a-kind shops museums and culture. Visit with farmers ranchers and cowboys while you explore dinosaur trails and warrior trails. Experience the vibrant culture and proud history of the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Tribes. Above all else in Southeast Montana you will gain a sense of true Western authenticity which cant be found anywhere else. CAPTAIN WILLIAM CLARK LEWIS CLARK EXPEDITION 1804-1806 Perhaps the most famous of all Western explorers and settlers is the story of Lewis and Clark. As part of the Corp of Discovery Clark spent three years with Lewis exploring the region. Clark himself focused his attention on drawing maps maintaining supplies and leading the hunts. Captain William Clark and his men passed through what would eventually be Billings on July 24 1806 on their way to Pompeys Pillar where Clarks signature remains carved into the Pillar to this day. Visit the site of one of the most infamous battles between the U.S. Cavalry and Native Warriors. Little Bighorn Battleeld National Monument where Lt. Col. George A. Custer made his last stand is just 60 miles east of Billings and tells the story of this epic conict. The Annual Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City is one of the most legendary horse sales in the world. Its a perfect place to witness authentic rodeo action and down-home Western hospitality. Terry Badlands at Sunset Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum BILLINGS HISTORY Makoshika State Park near Glendive is a dinosaur paradise with breathtaking badlands scenery and Pompeys Pillar National Monument bares William Clarks signature some of the only physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Whatever your plans are Southeast Montana is sure to surpass your expectations with friendly people awe-inspiring views and unforgettably unique experiences. Learn more at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area