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31 Traveling for days without food or water galloping on tired horses and following a controversial commander the 7th Cavalry collided with an overpowering Sioux and Cheyenne village in the Valley of the Little Bighorn. On June 25 1876 the infamous General Custer 263 soldiers Crazy Horse and over 3000 warriors clashed 60 miles southeast of present-day Billings. Feel this historic moment at LITTLE BIGHORN NATIONAL MONUMENT near Crow Agency on I-90 exit 510.406-638-2621 or www.nps.govlibi. PresidentTeddyRooseveltmadeYellowstone theworldsrstNationalPark.Geysersmudpots painted canyonswildlife and recreation make this park the worlds best. From Memorial Day to Labor Day take Hwy 212 to YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK via Red Lodge and Cooke City 130 miles. For park information call 307-344-7381 or visit www.nps.govyell. On your way to Yellowstone enjoy one of the Top 10 Scenic Drives in the Northern Rockies and Montanas highest peak on Hwy 212 SACRIFICE CLIFF Sacrice Cliff is considered to be part of the Rimrock bluffs. Legend has it when a smallpox epidemic struck the Crow IndianscampnearpresentdayMetraPark several families plunged to their deaths in order to sacrice themselves to the gods and save their families. CHARLES LINDBERGH Famous for making the rst non-stop ight from New York to Paris in 1927 Charles Lindbergh spent three months in Billings in 1922. Before he was famousLindbergh was the wingwalker and parachute walker as part of a barnstorming tour which happened to break up in Billings leaving Lindbergh broke and desperate. To make ends meet he worked as a mechanic and as an exhibitioner of parachute jumps. He eventually saved enough to move on and claim the eventual fame he is known for. But Lindbergh returned to Billings once more after his famous ight to say hello to the community. Day Trips Adventure nostalgia and the avor of unique western history await the imaginative traveler here. Follow roads less traveled as you accompany Lewis and Clark along the Yellowstone River chase General Custer through the rolling plains and join great Indian chiefs in their plight along the Little Bighorn. And do it all starting in Billings Montanas Trailhead. This is the starting place as you prepare to take in so many of these fantastic Montana experiences all possible to do in just one day Whether its history or scenery adventure or relaxation youll nd it just down the road from Billings. All noted mileage is from Billings. For more on day trips and itineraries log onto to 3 Beartooth Mountains MOVIE MADNESS Montana is a coveted lm location for movie makers around the worldand some pretty famous movies have been made here. Billings and the surrounding area served as locations for movies like The Horse Whisperer Return to Lonesome Dove Far and Away Nebraska and A River RunsThrough It. Not to mention the stars who have been lucky enough to call Montana their co-star Robert Redford Tom Cruise Meryl Streep Brad Pitt Nicole Kidman and Jack Nicholson. 1 2 BILLINGS GUIDEBOOK Day Trips BILLINGS HISTORY BILLINGS HISTORY BILLINGS HISTORY YOUR GATEWAY TO BREATHTAKING Experience the scenic Beartooth Highway to Yellowstone National Park. Just 60 miles from Billings Montanas Trailhead. Starting your Yellowstone experience from Billings is ideal. Named the most beautiful drive in America the Beartooth Highway is just a 60-minute drive from Billings. The highway itself is legendary and will be an excellent opening to your Yellowstone visit. The fresh mountain air and forever views of Big Sky Country will follow from the sandstone rimrocks to the grandeur of the switchbacks nearly 11000 feet elevation. Start your adventure in Montanas City Billings Montanas Trailhead.