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Fresh thinking, healthy eating, quick service pitas, chips, cookies, and drinks.

Pita Pit was founded on the idea that people want an exciting alternative to fast food restaurants—a place with great tasting food that’s healthy, fresh, and still served fast. (Because who isn’t burned out on burgers and pizza, and bottomed out on subs?) Therefore, Pita Pit ditched all the heavy breads and buns—along with the higher carbs and fat, that today’s health-conscious consumers are trying to avoid.

Instead, we came up with our own special light and tasty Lebanese-style pitas, vowing to fill them with only the good stuff. Leaner, savory meats that could be grilled to perfection. Unique flavorful cheeses. A larger choice of crisp, fresh veggies, and exotic toppings, including our own zesty signature sauces. Our pitas were also developed with a special fold, so these tantalizing flavors could be all rolled into one.

This "fresh thinking and healthy eating" could now be served up quickly for people on the go. And for those who weren’t in a hurry, we designed our restaurants to provide a casual and fun atmosphere—part of which includes friendly employees who are good at what they do and treat every customer as special.

Once we began serving lunch and dinner, (late night snacks, too), our unique idea took off. People of all ages and professions have quickly come to love Pita Pit. Franchising began in Canada in 1997, and within two years, it came to the US, where today it’s quickly spread to locations nationwide. (We’ve even began serving breakfast.)

Pita Pit is a hit.

Street Address

2228 1/2 Grand Avenue
Billings, MT 59102


(406) 652-9261
Fax: (406) 652-9263



Sun. - Thurs. 10:30AM to MIDNIGHT and Fri. - Sat. 10:30 to 3AM

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